I've heard there was a secret chord, That David played and it pleased the Lord...

A Lullaby

Love between a man and a woman is the greatest blessing we could hope for. True love is not common for us any longer.


I don't understand how people can be so evil and outwardly wrong, it's not even about beliefs, lying is bad no matter who you are and making things up and breaking the law, these things are not about who people are they are BAD! Why are the people getting away with this, it's disgusting. Yes, … Continue reading Watch!

My Mind

It's just so odd, the feeling these medications are leaving me with. I've never felt like this before and the lost feeling that's part of it isn't like a normal lost feeling to me, I normally can out think or overcome my feelings of being lost in life in general. I think these meds the … Continue reading My Mind


Good morning! Everyone! Life struggles is my middle name, lol. I've been ill for over a few months now. Not feeling well is the end result of what is going on, I hope. Many times someone can be ill and still function but my illness has attacked my immune system, I have three strikes against … Continue reading Struggles


When people die we are expected to be sad, but what if we really are not sad? I got word that my biological father has passed away. I went through the same thing when my biological mother passed, I had and have no feelings of closeness with them, and after being adopted I don't believe … Continue reading Death


I only owned, in the beginning, what would fit into a backpack and I rented rooms from people that refused to be friendly and nice to me and they didn’t want to be friends. I studied hard. Never went anywhere without my bible and notebook. I would ride my bike great distances to stay away … Continue reading VII


I cannot even believe that the government is so split. That 'hate'  is our main staple in the large scheme of things. Impeaching a president for made up accusations, I've been a victim too many times, just not on a global scale, of course. Some of these hate mongers don't even know American history, they … Continue reading OMGosh!


I continued to attend church on Sundays, bible study on Sunday nights. College preparedness class on Monday nights and an addiction class on Fridays and sometimes bible study on Tuesday nights at someone’s home. I did similar studies throughout the next seven years. I became knowledgeable about the bible as well as knowing the fullness … Continue reading VI